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Vintage Nascar

Some of my favorite items in the whole collection are vintage Nascar tickets, programs, and brochures from the 1950's through the 1960's.


I also collect media credentials, garage and pit passes, media passes, and other misc items. Pole day tickets, made by most of the tracks, are nice collectables too

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Here is a look into the history of Nascar with images of vintage and new tickets, brochures, and passes

1949 Langhorne 200 ticket - Curtis Turner's 1st career victory. Nascar's 4th ever race in the inaugural 1949 season. It doesn't get much rarer than this.

1950 Darlington Southern 500 ticket. This is an unused general admission ticket to the very 1st running of the Southern 500 in 1950. This was only the 2nd season of Nascar and the first big race. Johnny Mantz won after beating the other 74 racers that day.

1950 Darlington Southern 500 ticket. Here is another unused ticket to the 1st Southern 500. This ticket was to a box seat. Incredibly rare.

1960 Charlotte National 400 ticket. This is a ticket to the 1st annual fall race at Charlotte. Speedy Thompson won it for his 19th career victory.

1953 Langhorne 150 ticket. This is a ticket to the 150 mile race at Langhorne Speedway in 1953. This race was won by the legnedary Buck Baker for just his 2nd career victory.

Thanks for viewing these 5 pictures. Click on the links below to view even more! I'm always adding more and will eventually have pictures of every ticket. If you have questions or comments, please don't hesitate to email me!

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If you have any tickets that you would like to donate or even sell then email me because I'm always accepting or buying.

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